Benefits of Monthly Donations

June 04, 2019

As technology has advanced, it has become a common practice for people to pay bills with automatic monthly recurring payments from checking accounts, debit or credit cards. This saves time, money, and even postage costs.

Charitable giving through recurring monthly donations is also convenient and has many benefits to both donors and charitable organizations. Many individuals want to make charitable donations but can’t always afford to make a lump sum donation. With recurring monthly donations, a donor can better budget for charitable giving and organizations can rely on steady, consistent giving. Many churches have even moved to this method for collecting tithes and offerings instead of passing an offering plate.

Recurring gifts are still eligible to be reported as an AZ State Tax Credit (when made to a Qualifying Charitable Organization), just as a one-time cash gift is. Annual or monthly giving statements can be provided by the charity for tax reporting purposes.

If you are interested in setting up a recurring donation to help older adults with dementia, adults with disabilities, children, and their families through the programs provided by Benevilla, contact us through our website or call 623-584-4999.