Benevilla “Caregiver Connect” Event Offers Support & Resources for Family Caregivers

January 27, 2020

About 25% of Americans are caregivers. Most caregivers, while having full time jobs, still spend an average of 24 hours a week caring for a loved one.  A caregiver’s duties often include grocery shopping, cooking, housework, dressing their loved one and keeping track of their medicine, medical care and being the only source of transportation to doctor’s appointments.  A caregiver is often responsible for talking to their loved one’s doctor’s, financial planners and home care facilitators.  At moments, it can feel like a full-time job.  Many times, it is.


Benevilla is excited to announce their first “Caregiver Connect” event of 2020 will be held in Sun City March 6th. This free educational event provides family caregivers with support and guidance to assist them on their caregiving journey. The Benevilla Caregiver Connect event will be held Friday, March 6th from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Bellevue Heights Church at 9440 W. Hutton Drive, Sun City, 85351.  Call 623-584-4999 to register today as space fills up fast.


The Benevilla Caregiver Connect event series was created for family caregivers to learn more about the dynamics affecting their lives and help them get their pressing questions answered and obtain in-person guidance.  The event brings all resources a caregiver may need to one place in a casual, relaxed and compassionate atmosphere.  Benevilla plans to bring 50 local senior services providers to supply critical caregiver information to the attendees.  They also offer expert advice and direction on a myriad of topics including senior living options, home care choices, insurance alternatives, elder law and help with government programs.  A Benevilla C.A.R.E.S. Resource Specialist will also be on-site for anyone needing one-on-one support.


Many times, caregivers are lost in a quickly changing world of new behaviors and physical changes with their loved ones.  Benevilla strives to enlighten and inform caregivers about these        developments by offering educational presentations by industry experts during this event.


At the March 6th event, Dr. Maribeth Gallagher, DNP, FAAN from Hospice of the Valley will speak on “The Language of Distress.”  Her presentation will dig deep into distressed behaviors which often serve as a form of communication and often indicate the person living with dementia is experiencing discomfort in body, mind and/or spirit.  As one’s ability to communicate using verbal language declines, emotional expressions and physical behaviors commonly signal unmet needs.  Dr. Gallagher will share how to use a ‘soft approach’ and sensory strategies to maximize comfort and connection.


Lori Nisson will give a second presentation titled “Ambiguous Loss: Living with Uncertainty.”

Her presentation will discuss caregiver stress and burden, often misunderstood, with the real culprit being ambiguous loss.  Ambiguous loss is unclear, has no resolution and no closure. Progressive, chronic conditions like dementia can create ambiguous loss whereby the person is physically present but psychologically absent as they once were. This can be confusing and overwhelming for family caregivers and cause them to feel helpless and immobilized. This program defines ambiguous loss and provides concrete strategies to infuse hope, meaning and promote self- care.


There will also be a 30-minute bonus presentation outlining the options available from the Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Programs.


Reservations are required.  Please call 623-584-4999 to reserve your space today.  There will be a complimentary breakfast provided by Birt’s Bistro.   Thank You to Bellevue Heights Church for providing the space.