Benevilla Free Home Services Program at Luke AFB Promotes Social Distancing During COVID-19

July 06, 2020

Benevilla realizes our senior population from Luke AFB is the most vulnerable right now to Coronavirus as it becomes increasingly important seniors practice self-isolation and stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Because the risk of complications from COVID-19 increases with age, family members and friends are limiting their visits to older contacts.  Seniors have a diminished support system and can easily find themselves trapped in social isolation.  It has become increasingly difficult for them to get to doctor visits, obtain essential groceries and medicines and even retrieve their own mail.  But Benevilla is here to help!

Benevilla, through their free, volunteer-driven Home Services Program, is working hard to keep seniors safe, independent, and healthy at home. During this pandemic, the Benevilla Home Services program continues to provide their vital support services to Luke AFB retirees and seniors including grocery shopping assistance, assisted transportation to essential medical appointments, helping hands, emergency errands, and their “phone pals” wellness checks.

Services are available short or long term to those with limited resources and options. This free program would not be possible without the help and support our generous community volunteers.  To sign up for or learn more about these free services, please call Benevilla at (623) 584-4999.

If you have a senior loved one or friend affiliated with Luke AFB needing even more comprehensive support services in the community, in-home care, alternate respite services and more, our Benevilla C.A.R.E.S. Resource Specialists should be your first call.  Simply call 623.584.4999 and we can help you find the specific service you need provided by vetted and high-quality resources in our community.