Benevilla Helping Partners Program and Theatre Works Excited for Premier of Beauty and the Beast Jr.

May 13, 2019

The Benevilla Helping Partners Program in Sun City , in cooperation with Theatre Works, has 16 of their members almost ready for the debut of their Spring Theater production of “Beauty & the Beast Jr.”  Rehearsal sessions began March 12th and the live, public performance will take place at 11:00AM, Tuesday, May 21st at Theatre Works in the Peoria Center for Performing Arts.  Please call 623-584-4999 today to make your reservation or for more information.

Benevilla is excited by the unique partnership with Theatre Works as 17 of our Helping Partners members are taking part in this wonderful new life enrichment opportunity: an 11-week theatrical production – from auditions and rehearsals to a full performance of Beauty and the Beast Jr. – in front of a live audience. Theater Works’ Adaptive Works program makes these genuine theatrical performance opportunities available to people with mental and physical disabilities ages 12 and older.  This project is supported in part by the Arizona Commission on the Arts, which receives support from the State of Arizona and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Through this program, the Benevilla Helping Partners Program members will be actors in the production, focusing on the performance side of theater, including building and expanding upon fundamental acting skills. The program will be facilitated by Adaptive Works staff who are highly trained in working with adults with developmental and intellectual challenges and includes 10 rehearsals, as well as a final full cast rehearsal, and small-group rehearsals to prepare for the performance.

This program also includes educational classes, through which Adaptive Works instructors provide hands-on guidance to actors on building their acting skills. “The rehearsals are coming along, and our members are so excited to be part of this show.  We didn’t realize how much talent and enthusiasm our actors and actresses have” said Deirdre Graham, Director of Life Enrichment for the Benevilla Helping Partners Program.

Through the Benevilla Helping Partners Program, adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities can experience volunteer and employment opportunities enabling the program’s members to contribute and make a difference in their communities. In addition, Helping Partners members participate in a wide range of wellness and life skills programs to enrich their lives and promote their independence, as well as their physical, social and emotional well-being. For instance, members enjoy games, creative arts, gardening, community outings, entertainment opportunities and exercise each day. Benevilla is continually incorporating new enrichment activities into the Helping Partners program for our members to enjoy and benefit from.

Theater Works is a nonprofit theater providing the most comprehensive programming of any performing arts organization in the West Valley, drawing more than 130,000 patrons to its programming last season. The program provides opportunities for children, patrons and artists to experience theater that inspires, enriches and enlightens through the experience of the performing arts. Theater Works’ vision is to be a significant cultural resource for Peoria and the West Valley, improving the quality of life through expression and experience of the performing arts.