Benevilla Highlighting Work Benefits to Attract Employees

May 25, 2022

Benevilla is a local nonprofit in the Northwest Valley providing extensive support services for older adults, adults with disabilities, children, and the families who care for them. Their services and programs range from childcare services to adult life enrichment day programs for members with varying stages of dementia, Parkinson’s, and stroke survivors to numerous free, educational, caregiver support and volunteer home services. Demand for the services Benevilla offers has soared during the pandemic, straining already thin staffs.

As the pandemic works its way into a third year, Benevilla finds itself, as many businesses are, struggling to hire for key positions throughout the agency. “We used to compete with other entities in the health care industry for employees,” says Benevilla President and CEO Joanne Thomson “and now we are competing with fast food, coffee shops and convenience stores. We can’t just increase the cost of care we offer to our community to offset needed wage increases. The folks we service in our community cannot bare added financial pressure.”

Currently, Benevilla is searching for qualified candidates to fill over fifteen different positions throughout its programs. In their Wirtzie’s Preschool and Childcare program there are openings for lead teachers and teacher’s assistants. Their Family Resource Center (FRC) needs resource specialists and administrative assistants. The Benevilla FRC offers free, bilingual services and programs to families with young children throughout the NW Maricopa region. Resource specialists link parents to community services, answer questions, and help complete applications for AHCCCS and DES. Family educators present workshops informing and supporting parents with strategies and techniques focusing on child development and family issues. And in their award-winning adult life enrichment day programs Benevilla needs enrichment partners, health & wellness specialists, nurses, and transportation specialists.

“Throughout the pandemic many people decided to take warehouse jobs or work from home so they would not have to interact with the public.” said Benevilla Volunteer Services Coordinator, Catherine Ruff. “Now that pandemic is entering its 3 year and the COVID rates are the lowest they have been for a long time we hope people will want to come back and serve the community. Our culture here at Benevilla is amazing and staff, volunteers, and everyone we serve are part of the Benevilla family.”

To attract top candidates, Benevilla offers paid personal time off and paid sick time separately. There is a strong culture of professional development and employees are encouraged to experience all aspects of the agency by working in other programs and applying for school and professional certifications through a scholarship program. Benevilla also offers highly competitive medical, dental and vision insurances as well as life insurance and an employer match retirement fund. There is even discounted childcare for those needing it. Currently, there are substantial sign on bonuses available. Benevilla prides itself on its employee work/life balance and offers part-time and flexible work schedules to entice young families and the retired community looking for a work schedule fitting their lifestyles.
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