Benevilla Re-Launches Kinship/Grandfamily Support Circles

March 09, 2021

Benevilla is excited to announce the re-launching of Kinship/Grandfamily Support Circles as part of their Family Resource Center Program.  Are you raising a young grandchild or a relative’s child?  Do you need support, information, and resources on how to be successful at parenting the second time around?  No matter how much you love your grandkids, raising them comes with as many challenges as rewards. These support circles offer in-person expertise and guidance on taking on the parenting role for grandchildren when the traditional grandparent/grandchild relationship changes.

The in-person groups, hosted by our expert Benevilla Kinship Support Coordinator, Sherry Griffin, will restart March 10th and will be held twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 9AM at Apostles Lutheran Church, 7020 W Cactus Road, Peoria, AZ.  Benevilla has implemented several safety precautions and procedures, to help keep staff and members safe and healthy.  Temperature checks on all members, staff, and volunteers will be taken, masks are being worn at all times, social distancing will be promoted, and CDC directed hand washing is the norm.

In addition, there will be 5 online support groups held via Zoom.  To join, or for more information about the Kinship Support Program, please email or call 623.986.9580

FRC Director Aleena Erickson is thrilled the support circles have restarted.  “Sherry’s an expert in this field,” Erickson said. “She brings so many resources to the table and she knows the best way to make the grandparents raising grandchildren job easier is to connect grandparents in the same situation.”

Sherry, who has been with Benevilla since 2012, works in the Family Resource Center (FRC) at Surprise City Hall and provides an array of important services to families.  These include planning and directing support groups, events, and educational programs. She is the founder of “Grandfamilies of Surprise” and a member of the Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors.  She was awarded the Arizona Grandparent Ambassador Award in 2018.

The Benevilla Family Resource Center is dedicated to helping parents—and those in a parental role—prepare children for a healthy and happy start at school. The center is the place to find community services information and referrals, health insurance applications, literacy events, school readiness kits and education events, as well as the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program.  FRC is supported by a grant from First Things First.