Creative Ways to Give

September 09, 2019

Looking for Creative Ways to Give?  Individuals who live on a fixed budget often assume they are not capable of providing charitable gifts to benefit causes that they care about. Did you know that charities can benefit from gifts that do not require cash? For example, charities often accept gifts of unneeded stock, property, or vehicles. Gifts such as these can help donors reduce their taxable income and/or avoid restrictive tax penalties. Stock can be transferred directly through a broker to your charity of choice. Land can be transferred to an organization then sold to benefit that organization. In addition, many not-for-profits accept, or partner with an outside vendor to accept, older vehicles that are no longer being used which are then sold to benefit the not-for-profit.

Another way to give is through utilizing frequent shopper or shopper rewards programs while you shop for groceries or online purchases. Some groceries stores and online vendors provide points for shoppers for their purchases which are converted to cash donations to an eligible charity of the shopper’s choice.  A few examples of these programs include Kroger Community Rewards and AmazonSmile.