Donations to Benevilla for “Arizona Gives Day” Support Seniors in Need

March 31, 2022

Benevilla, the West Valley’s premier family services nonprofit, has joined Arizona Gives Day 2022, a grassroots statewide day of giving inviting Arizonans to support their favorite non-profit causes by visiting  The campaign begins at noon April 5th and ends at noon April 6th. If you want to give early, donations are currently being accepted. This year, donations are needed even more as the evolving COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we live and the needs of the community. From the way we work and learn to the way we gather and socialize; the crisis has impacted each of us in some way. It has become especially hard for our older adult population struggling to remain independent at home. Donations received through this online platform will support the Benevilla, free to the community, Home Services Program.

There are approximately 254,000 West Valley residents who are seniors or adults with disabilities and many of them do not have a personal support network to assist them. Benevilla is continuing to meet the urgent needs of older adults in the West Valley with their volunteer driven Home Services program offering free grocery shopping assistance, phone pals, emergency errands (pharmacy), light handyman services and assisted transportation to vital medical appointments. We are also seeing a decrease in the number of able volunteers, as many are older adults themselves.

To jump-start this year’s campaign, an anonymous donor has promised to match donations dollar-for-dollar to Benevilla up to the first $5,000 raised for Arizona Gives Day, therefore, doubling the impact of your gift. Anyone who is passionate about their community, has family or friends who are older and struggling with the challenges of the living alone or just wants to make a difference in our community should participate in Arizona Gives Day.

Make your Arizona Gives Day donation online at or by calling 623-584-4999. For more information, please contact the Benevilla Donor Relations Department at 623-584-4999.