Life Enrichment Day Programs

What are Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Programs?

Safe and Active Environment for Your Loved One

Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Programs provide a safe and active place for older adults living with chronic illness that require constant care  by a family member. Your loved one will be invited to participate in physical, social and cognitive activities by our professional, caring and compassionate staff. Instead of sitting home watching TV or sleeping, your loved one, will be encouraged to join in group activities and social programs.

Provides Time Off from Caregiving

Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Programs provide respite for family members caring for a loved one. Caregivers need time off from the stresses and strains of caring for loved one.

4 in 10 (40%) caregivers are in high-burden situations, 18% medium burden, and 41% low burden based on the Level of Care Index (1997). Burden of care increases with hours of care provided. 92% of providers providing 21 or more hours per week are high burden versus 16% of lower hour providers. [National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP. (2015). Caregiving in the U.S.]


Group Exercise; Socialization through games, discussion groups, entertainment, outings, arts & crafts, and Cognitive Stimulation through brain games, cards, puzzles, and more. We provide the latest in proven therapeutic methods for increased levels of happiness and engagement for all members. Programs such as Laughter Yoga, Tai-chi, Creative Aging, and Purposeful Exercise are just a few of the ways we seek to bring enjoyable and meaningful activities to our programs.

Creative Aging Programs are in supported in part by the Arizona Commission on the Arts, which receives support from the State of Arizona and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Restorative Therapy

A specially designed “Essential Lifestyle Program” is tailored for your loved one by a Restorative Specialist, and implemented by Benevilla staff.


Your loved one will receive morning and afternoon snacks and a nutritious lunch prepared fresh each day by Birt’s Bistro.

Lucy Anne’s Place – A Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Program

Address: 16752 N. Greasewood Street, Surprise, 85378
Phone Number: 623-584-4999

Friendships, fun and acceptance – everything that makes life comfortable for members experiencing memory challenges.

The atmosphere of discovery, warmth and safety here welcomes members with early to mid-stages of dementia related illnesses. The program feels like a club or social gathering place; members enjoy community and private spaces, gardens, music, exercise, fun, and innovative programs.

Lucy Anne’s Place is the only day program in the state of Arizona that specializes in early to mid-stages of dementia related illnesses, and is the first Life Enrichment Day Program in Arizona to feature a specific space for intergenerational programs. Created with purpose, fun and structure, the program promotes interaction between Lucy Anne’s adult members and children enrolled in Wirtzie’s Preschool and Child Care. The exchange is beautiful and rewarding. Older adults who regularly spend time with children are more optimistic, take better care of themselves, and have been shown to have longer attention spans.

Mary’s Place – A Benevilla Memory Care Program

Address: 14601 Del Webb Blvd., Sun City, 85351
Phone Number: 623-815-1031

The challenges of caring for someone with advanced dementia are eased with the support of exceptional people at Mary’s Place.

Mary’s Place Memory Care is the only day program in the state of Arizona that specializes in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia related disorders.

The programming focus of Mary’s Place is to identify the strengths of each member, working with them to make the most of those opportunities, which ultimately helps preserve memory. A registered nurse provides medical oversight, including medication administration, regular monitoring of weight and vitals, care for chronic conditions such as diabetes, and many other services requested by the primary physician.

The Benevilla Helping Partners Life Enrichment Day Program

Address: 14601 Del Webb Blvd., Sun City, 85351
Phone Number: 623-584-4999

The Benevilla Helping Partners Life Enrichment Day Program was designed specifically for adults with intellectual/developmental challenges.

Entertainment, educations, games, crafts, gardening, community outings, and exercise fill the daily agenda. Members are involved and help direct their daily activities, including meal preparation. Indoor and outdoor spaces offer inviting, opportunities for group activities or private time, just like home.

The days here are fun, energetic, and infused with learning, compassion, and care for adults with intellectual challenges. Fostering self-esteem and life skills, Helping Partners offers an exceptional opportunity for growth.

Group Supported Employment (GSE)

This special program provides members with employment skills training and opportunities. Many GSE workers are able to obtain special training and certifications, such as a food handlers card, work in real-life job opportunities and earn a paycheck.

West Valley – A Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Program

Address: 8133 W. Cactus Road, Peoria, 85381
Phone Number: 623-979-7126

This program supports those who live in Peoria, Glendale and West Phoenix. We welcome stroke survivors, those with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s/dementia, and other adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This lively program offers assistance to a diverse group of people with a wide range of care needs. Activities are adapted for specific physical challenges to include everyone’s participation. Members have the best of all worlds: a socially inviting, club-like atmosphere with the support of amazing professionals and dedicated volunteers focused on the personal needs of each and every member.

Restorative – A Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Program

Address: 15800 Del Webb Blvd., Sun City, 85351
Phone Number: 623-977-8274

Designed for those who have Parkinson’s, early to moderate Alzheimer’s or other dementia, are a survivor of a stroke, or have had a fall-related injury.  This program offers specially designed exercise equipment and staff trained in Restorative Therapy.

The Restorative Life Enrichment Day Program welcomes anyone who needs support and care during the day. The friendly atmosphere and active environment supports members with a variety of needs. In addition, we offer a personalized program for increased health for those suffering from stroke, injury, Parkinson’s, or other physical challenges requiring physical therapy. Maximizing independence begins with a plan and setting goals. Professional oversight and personal desire create a winning combination for members.

The Benevilla Restorative Life Enrichment Day Program:

Promotes activity, mobility and independence
Increases muscle strength and balance
Enhances confidence and self-esteem
Focuses on preventing deterioration wherever possible
The physical challenges that require physical therapy also challenge personal independence. The focus of restorative care is on each person’s potential rather than on a diagnosis or limitations. By creating a team approach of personalized, short-term, and achievable goals, members are encouraged to reach and maintain their highest level of function. A registered nurse provides medical oversight.


Our Members Enjoy Home-Like Settings

Our programs are home-like, friendly and specially designed to best serve member needs. We offer services such as spa like showers and assisted bathing, so caregivers don’t have to handle this sometimes difficult task on their own. The setting for all services of this nature are comfortable and relaxing and all Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Programs are conducted by sensitive, well-trained staff whose first priority is your comfort. Chef prepared meals from Birt’s Bistro, our unique artist-in-residence program or a visit from a BenePets therapy pet are just some of the other special programs we provide everyday.

CARF Accredited

All Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Programs are accredited by CARF International, an accreditation organization for rehabilitation facilities. CARF provides accreditation services worldwide at the request of health and human service providers. Whether you are seeking rehabilitation for a disability, treatment for addiction and substance abuse, home and community services, retirement living, or other health and human services, you can have confidence in your choice. Providers that meet our standards have demonstrated their commitment to being among the best available. Learn more about CARF here.


Call Benevilla (623-584-4999) for a fee schedule and related costs.