“In Lieu of Flowers” – Making a Memorial Donation and Tribute Gifts

April 25, 2019

After the death of a loved one, many families ask that charitable donations be given in the name of the person who passed away.  Gifts are often requested to their favorite charities or organizations that they were involved with or that provided assistance to them.

Are donations requested?

You can usually find out if and to what organization the family has requested donations to in the deceased’s obituary or by asking other friends of the deceased’s family.

When making a charitable donation on behalf of someone it’s important to be sure the charity notifies the survivor(s) that a gift has been made in their loved one’s name. Most organizations send a card acknowledging that a gift was made to the survivor(s) without disclosing the amount of the gift.

How much to donate?

The amount of a memorial gift is a very personal decision. Individuals should give as they feel comfortable. Regardless of the amount a memorial gift is a much appreciated and comforting gesture to those who lost loved ones.

What a wonderful tribute it would be to acknowledge someone by supporting an institution or cause that they believed in!

Other types of gifts

Tribute gifts can also be made to honor a birthday, anniversary, birth, graduation or other special occasion. These are gifts that have a lasting impact that the honoree can feel good about!

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