For every person enrolled in a BENEVILLA program,
two people get their lives back: the individual and the caregiver.


Each Benevilla Life Enrichment Day Program features specialized programming to meet specific needs – from memory care, to physical therapy, to intellectual challenges. Members benefit from a “person-centered care” philosophy and the support they need, while caregivers receive the resources they need to energize themselves. Identifying the strengths that each member possesses and working with them to make the most of those opportunities is the focus – which ultimately assists them in preserving their memory, their physical strength, and achieving optimum self-confidence.

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Benevilla Home Services program provides clients that a little extra assistance to maintain their independence. Services are available short- or long-term to those with limited resources and options.

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Benevilla C.A.R.E.S. (Community Assistance, Resources, Education & Support) is designed to provide assistance with concerns of caregiving or other related needs impacting your life or a family member’s life. Our Resource Specialists are available to help you by phone or in person. There is no charge for this service. Our Specialists will place you with the right Benevilla program or service, if our programs or services do not address your needs, we will connect you with an organization or agency that can assist you.

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The Benevilla Intergenerational Program brings children in Wirtzie’s Child Preschool & Childcare together with older adults in Lucy Anne’s Place for daily exercises, art projects, reading, and other enriching activities. Intergenerational Programs are social vehicles that offer younger and older generations the opportunities to interact and become engaged in issues concerning our society. These programs purposefully bring together people of different generations in ongoing, mutually beneficial, planned activities, designed to achieve specified program goals. Through intergenerational programs people of all ages share their talents and resources, supporting each other in relationships that benefit both the individuals and the community.

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Benevilla offers many rewarding, creative, and exciting ways to partner with them in service to the community. People helping people, supporting neighbors and friends, is the foundation of this dynamic organization, serving a community of all ages. Benevilla has a team of over 100 volunteers helping to provide the much needed services to older adults in our community.

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