What Makes the Benevilla Benefitness Adaptive Gym Different?

May 08, 2023

The Benefitness Adaptive Gym on the main campus of the nonprofit Benevilla was created with a goal to prove physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle is no longer out of reach for anyone. What makes this adaptive gym different from other local gyms? Unlike a regular gym, which is typically designed for able-bodied individuals, the Benefitness Adaptive Gym is an innovative and exciting way to help those in our community with different abilities, special considerations, and on-going clinical needs. The equipment and facilities in the Benefitness Adaptive Gym are specifically designed to meet the needs of people with various physical limitations, such as wheelchair accessibility. The equipment comes with adjustable heights and positions so exercises can be done standing, sitting or in a walker, and the machines are adaptable for upper or lower body workouts.

The Benefitness Adaptive Gym is staffed with nationally certified coaches who are disciplined to work with people with different abilities and special considerations. The coaches are knowledgeable about the different modifications and adaptations that may be necessary to help clients reach their fitness goals. Lorrie Karn, the Director of Benefitness, and her team of coaches provide specialized group and individual fitness programs and classes helping strengthen those with early onset diagnoses and physical ailments (e.g., Parkinson’s, dementia, MS, and more). Their programs help improve participant’s physical efficiencies, mental acuity, strength, balance, agility, and overall wellbeing.

“We are so excited to provide adaptive fitness in the Northwest Valley for those in the community facing various mobility challenges. Our programs will help improve the quality of life for our members, improve their strength, balance, agility, as well as improve abilities to perform routine tasks of daily life. Benefitness is a proud affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing (a non-contact boxing inspired fitness platform proven to combat the effects of Parkinson’s Disease). We also specialize in programming for community members facing the challenges of aging and early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Benefitness serves adults 18 years of age and older” says Lorrie.

Benefitness offers a range of individualized and small group classes like “Functional Movement” which works on balance and stability as well as flexibility and joint range of motion and “Seated Stretch” which focuses on muscle elongation and joint range of motion. They also offer “Cardio on the Move” a perfect trifecta incorporating cardiovascular training, muscular resistance training and core development. Benefitness is one of only 900 worldwide locations offering Rock Steady Boxing, a unique exercise program developed specifically for individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Rock Steady Boxing uses the mechanics of boxing to focus on PD symptoms including balance, stiffness, tremors, coordination, and soft voice syndrome. The neurosensory stimulus from the exercises slows the progression of PD and quiets the day-to-day symptoms. This is accomplished through non-contact boxing, punching a heavy bag, doing footwork, stretching, resistance exercises and aerobic training. Benefitness also provides Beneboxing for those who do not have Parkinson’s Disease but wish to benefit from boxing-inspired workouts.

The overall goal of the Benefitness Adaptive Gym goes beyond just improving an individuals’ physical abilities to providing a safe and supportive environment where people with different physical abilities can work towards their nutrition and wellbeing goals as well and rebuild a healthy and active lifestyle.

A unique and special Caregiver Retreat provides comfortable seating, massage chairs, a soothing water feature and conversation area. This caregiver relaxation space allows caregivers the opportunity to enjoy quiet respite or the benefit of connecting with others sharing the same challenges.

For more information about our adaptive gym membership programs or would like to take a free tour of Benefitness, please call 623-584-0065.

Established in 1981, Benevilla is a not-for-profit family services agency dedicated to enriching the lives of West Valley residents by providing care services for older adults, adults with disabilities, children, and families. For more information on services, volunteer opportunities, to take a tour or donate to Benevilla, call 623-584-4999 or visit www.benevilla.org.