Arizona Tax Credits Support Benevilla Services in Our Community

February 15, 2023

Arizona tax credit contributions offer two amazing benefits. First, they are an excellent way to direct your tax dollars where you want them to go and provide an opportunity to offset a significant amount of tax liability. The State of Arizona offers its taxpayers the opportunity to make contributions to schools and other qualifying non-profit organizations reducing the amount of tax owed to the state (or increase the amount of a taxpayer’s refund) on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Your $800 donation ($400 if filing single) to Benevilla for the 2022 tax year can get you a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona State Tax Return. And your donation to Benevilla can be made in addition to public and private education tax credits. Are you taking advantage of this tax savvy way of giving?

Second, your donation will directly support older adults, adults with disabilities, and families in your local community. Make your tax dollars more impactful by supporting our free Home Services program. The Benevilla free Home Services program provides older adults in our community with a little extra assistance to maintain their independence. Services are available short- or long-term to those with limited resources and options include grocery shopping, assisted transportation for doctor and medical visits, wellness check and phone pals, personal business assistance or light handyman services.

“It’s amazing what a big difference a small contribution like an Arizona Tax Credit donation can make in the lives of the people we help” said Joanne Thomson, President, and CEO of Benevilla. “With every dollar donated to Benevilla you’re not just supporting us; you’re making an investment in our community.”

And more good news, the Arizona Department of Revenue just announced the maximum donation amounts for the 2023 tax year have increased through the Qualifying Charitable Organization credit to $841 married filing jointly and $421 for single, married filing separate or head of household.

Please call 623-584-4999 to donate or visit to give securely online.
Donations for the 2022 AZ State Tax Credit can be made up to April 18, 2023, or you can get a jump start on your giving for the 2023 tax year. The Benevilla Qualifying Charitable Organization code is 20493. Benevilla is not a tax advisor and recommends you consult a qualified tax advisor on your personal tax situation to access information on all available Arizona State tax credits available, advantages and requirements of each tax credit program, and expert insights into how savvy taxpayers can charitably donate and lower their taxes based on the recent tax law changes.